Jan Hemby, Author


I enjoy telling people that my writing career began in the first grade. For, I was published (technically) at the tender age of six. I had written a poem, and my teacher liked it so much that she included it in the monthly newsletter. I can still smell the mimeograph ink and see my small, purple fingertips as I proudly presented my masterpiece to my mom. Since then I have written numerous published newspaper articles and editorials. After penning a portfolio of poetry and a couple of short theater pieces, I was ready to tackle a book.

I am learning in this whole how-to-get-published process that publishers expect you to promote yourself. Now, class, please raise your hand it that is something that you would feel comfortable doing for someone else, but a little uncomfortable doing for yourself. Welcome to my new world!

I have always been a behind-the-scenes kind of girl, but all of that is changing. I may not win fame and fortune with my writing (Richard Castle doesn’t need to worry about losing his primetime spot), but it is something that I really enjoy doing. Part of this is because I’m a woman. By definition this means that I can communicate well. For those of you concerned with political correctness, that was politically correct for “I am female, therefore, I talk a lot.” For me, writing is just talking and thinking that you record using good grammar.

But aside from my mad skills at comma usage, the reason I write is because I have a message to share. My life was changed forever by a single decision I made when I was 16 years old. That decision was to follow Jesus Christ and give Him my heart. That decision has defined every step and every day of my life ever since. In a world that is desperate for answers, it is His love that is the ultimate solution. And because I want that message to be heard, I will design a website and include a (slightly photo-shopped) picture of myself, if that’s what it takes.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will visit this page again soon!